Expert Debate: EU or EEA?


The European Fund for the Balkans, a joint initiative of the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Compagnia di San Paolo, the ERSTE Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation.


March – May 2013

Project description and goals:

GDP organizes an expert debate on Serbian European integration “Creeping Dilemma: Serbia’s Accession, EU or EEA?”. The main rationale for organizing this debate relies in the different perceptions of leading national law and economics experts on the potential positive and negative effects of Serbian integration to the EU. The debate should provide clear answers on the future of Serbian integration and help in overcoming of uncertainty and open questions in the forthcoming period.   The debate participants will be representatives of the EU Delegation in Serbia, ambassadors of EEA member states, Serbian Office for European integration and national experts.

The GDP researchers will produce a report on the pros and cons of Serbian integration to the EU in comparison to the integration to EEA based on the debate conclusions and analyses of the European integration process. The report will be made public and available on the GDP web-site.

The ultimate objective goal of this GDP project is to improve the general understanding of the essence of European integration process.


Report on Serbia’s EU/EEA accession is available for download.