Analysis of the Data from UNDP Judicial Reform/Access to Justice in Serbia Survey


UNDP Serbia


February – April 2013

Project description and goals:

UNDP Serbia and B92 are conducting the Judicial Reform/Access to Justice in Serbia Survey, which will be available on B92 website, from 18 February until 18 March 2013. The purpose of the Survey is to provide a snapshot of the general public’s views on key judicial reform and access to justice issues in Serbia.

When the Survey closes, the Group for Development Policy will conduct the analysis of the opinions participants expressed on the judicial reform in Serbia. GDP’s analysis will identify key themes/topics and “burning issues” in the judicial reform process in Serbia as well as relevant access to justice issues, and also define a refined consultation framework for use in the Focus Groups discussion UNDP plans to conduct.

The GDP’s analysis of the Survey, together with the findings from the Focus Groups, will feed into a comprehensive UNDP Analytical Report, containing recommendations that will be included as part of the consultation process leading to the drafting of the National Judicial Reform Strategy of Serbia

The ultimate objective of this UNDP project is to improve the efficiency of the justice system in Serbia, thereby increasing access to justice in Serbia, in particular for the poor, women, persons with disabilities, minorities and other vulnerable and marginalized groups.